March 10, 2012

Six Days

Six days. It's unbelievable. I've almost gone an entire week. I haven't been necessarily good, but I haven't had a real binge either. I'm not going to lose weight this way but hopefully I will be able to maintain what I'm at until I'm in a healthier place. I was really good last night. I went out to the hockey game and even though I was DYING for some mini doughnuts or ice cream, I managed not to buy any. Take that ED!

I have the urge to bake, but I'm afraid that will break my good streak. Baking is always extremely dangerous for my will power. I don't know if I want to push myself that far yet.

1 comment:

  1. yay. so proud of you :)
    i find it gets easier the longer you go without a binge because you dont want to mess up after you have done so well. and if you eat healthy you find that your body starts to not even like the junk food after a few weeks. hopefully it will be like that for you. xo