March 20, 2012


 So a lot of my posts have been pretty negative lately. I've been feeling pretty down on myself, putting on weight and unable to control my eating. But I think that this is only giving me an excuse to keep feeding the cycle. I need to learn not to be so hard on myself. It always comes back to that sense of perfectionism.

So anyways, I thought I'd try for a positive post.

 I met with my counselor today. It was the first time I walked out of there feeling hopeful in a while. We talked about meditation and how it might be good for me to learn to slow down and live in the moment. I am such a high stress personality that it can be hard for me to remember to take a minute for myself and relax. I think this translates to my eating. I get caught up in such a frenzy. So she taught me a couple distraction techniques and next time we're going to work through a guided meditation. In the mean time, I get to practice. Has anyone ever tried meditation? I'm looking forward to giving it a shot. I think this could actually be something that works.


  1. I have never tried meditation, but i always wonder why ive nevertried it. However, i do do yoga and im not a huge fan yet but its working on me!:) sending u some hope and faith! Give it a shot!

  2. I used to practice meditation, it actually did make me a lot calmer and happier. It is definitely something that you have to commit to. At first it seems boring and your mind will just race while you meditate (which means it isn't working). Its hard to clear everything out of your head and completely ignore your surroundings. I used to do it in the morning after I woke up and had my warm tea. It's very relaxing. Some of the breathing techniques helped to when I got angry. I eventually learned to think things out slower and it helped me stop binges to because I would stop, think about it, think about an alternative, ect. I wouldn't just jump into a binge in a frenzy as you put it. Good luck!! Maybe get some relaxing music to start with, yoga/meditation is AWESOME too!